Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev, MD, PhD, DSc

Prof. Dr. Nikola Yordanov Kolev, MD, PhD, DSc


Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev is graduated in 1998 in Varna. Acquired specialty of “Surgery” in 2003. Defended dissertation on the topic of “Clinical significance of intraoperative marking the Sentinel lymph node in colorectal cancer”. In 2012 defended dissertation on the topic “Rectal cancer – contemporary surgical behavior” and was elected for Professor at the Department of General and operative surgery ” in 2012. Prof. Nikola Kolev is head of Department of general surgery and operative.

The youngest Associate Professor and a professor in the field of surgery in Bulgaria.

He speaks excellent English and Russian language.

Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev has focus on oncology surgery in cancer of the colon and rectum, liver, bile ducts, pancreas, and others. He has perfected his skills specializing in leading centers for minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery, and endoscopic procedures.

Specializes in the following areas:

  • visceral surgery;
  • colorectal surgery;
  • surgery of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas;
  • cancer surgery;
  • miniinvasive, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery;
  • miniinvasive surgery of the esophagus;
  • intraoperative and endorectal ultrasonography;
  • toracoscopic surgery;
  • robotic surgery

in leading world centers such as Los Angeles, Harvard Medical School Boston (United States), Pittsburgh (United States), Cambridge (uk), Bern (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Hanover (Germany), Göttingen (Germany), Hanover (Germany), Seoul, South Korea, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Berlin (Germany), Fort Lauderdale (United States)

Under his leadership was carried out first in Bulgaria Portal vein embolization in advanced stage of liver metastases, which allowed radical surgery on the patient and a new chance at life.

With a team of Radiologists performed invasive termoablation in liver metastases and primary tumors, and also unique for our country transarterial hemoembolization (transarterial chemoembolization TACE –).

Participate in the development of modern methodology for the treatment of early rectal cancer – submucosal dissection, which began to be implemented by 2012.

Awards and honors

Laureate of the prize’s international Ingeborg Hörhager Congress of the European Federation for Colorectal carcinoma in 2013 for services in the field of colorectal surgery.

An award-winning Technologies of Eurasian Association of Colorectal achievements in the field of onkosurgical strategy in the treatment of colorectal cancer.


His researches is presented in 310 research papers and messages at home and abroad, rated personal Impact Factor – 57 and 97 total impact factor. Own publications are cited by other authors in the country and abroad in 45 scientific works.

Participate in organizing and providing information of the first teleoperation with a remote transmission of sound and image for the intraoperative remote consultation and real-time transmission of surgical operation on the global Internet environment with teleoeductaion of undergraduate and graduate.

Since 2006 prof. Koelv is member of the Committee on information provision and construction of hospital information system to the University Hospital “St. Marina. Participate in a team for software development and introduction of methods for voice recognition of Bulgarian language in intraoperative management of the surgical instruments.

Participate in the drafting of 2 textbooks international cooperation, available for use by students of MU-Varna.

Scientific publications

A member of the

  • Member of the American Medical Association;
  • The Bulgarian surgical society;
  • Union of scientists in Bulgaria.