Dr. Alexander Zlatarov

Dr. Alexander Kamenov Zlatarov

Dr. Alexander Zlatarov is a doctor-intern to the first clinic of surgery. After the completion of the first language school with honors in 2006, study medicine in Medical University of Varna. He graduated in 2012 and in the same year joined the team of the First clinic of surgery. Began specialization in general surgery Assistant at the Department of general surgery and operational by 2012. As a student taking part in the traditional workshop at the Department, where with other colleagues helping in the training of colleagues from III to the last course. Participates in the development of textbooks.

In addition to surgical diseases of the abdomen, his interests are focused on diseases of the esophagus and stomach, malignant diseases of the liver.

The researches of Dr. Zlatarov early beginnings as a student.  Conferences in Bulgaria, Romania, Austria is envisioned in the Department introduced new methods for diagnosis and treatment. 

As evaluation of its active research Dr. Zlatarov was honored with the annual award of the Varna  Municipality achieved high scores in the area “Humanities” in 2011.

She speaks excellent English, Russian and German.


  • Conventional and intraoperative ultrasonography in surgery;
  • Course in minimally invasive surgery for cancer of the esophagus in Pittsburgh – United States in December 2014, the clinic’s lead specialist in the world in this area, Dr. D. James Luketich;
  • Wet-lab Endoscopic mucos resection.



Participate in the authors of two books issued abroad. A total of 26 publications in Bulgarian and international periodicals. Over 60 scientific conferences in Bulgaria and abroad – Serbia, Austria, Romania, Russia, the United States, Germany, Croatia.

Scientific publications

A member of the

  • Member of the American Medical Association;
  • The Bulgarian surgical society;
  • Union of scientists in Bulgaria;
  • Bulgarian doctors for a European standard of specialization