Ass. Dr. Georgi Ivanov, MD, PhD

Ass. Dr. Georgi Hristov Ivanov, MD, PhD




Dr. Georgi Hristov Ivanov, MD, PhD graduated from Varna Medical University with honors. During his training, Dr. Ivanov actively participate in carrying out research; improve or develop theories and operational methods; conducting medical examinations, clinical research and paste diagnoses; implementing preventive or curative measures. Visit EPA’S “Psychoanalysis”, “Medical University Prof. Dr. Medical “. Varna;

Visit EPA on Surgery to the Department of General and operational Surgery, Medical University Prof. Dr. Medical “. Varna;

The main objects and the professional skills that Dr. Ivanov acquired in the above courses are in the area of surgery.

In 2010 Dr. Ivanov receives honorary diploma for active participation in the research of Medical University Prof. Dr. Medical “– Varna

In 2010 he graduated and acquired qualification master of medicine – physician.

From 19.09.2011. – 21.09.2011 he finished a course in hepatic surgery clinic of general surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Trakia University – Stara Zagora

From 29.09.2011. – 01.10.2011. participate in the course “Conventional and intraoperative ultrasonography in surgery” – Medical University Prof.  Dr. Medical ” Varna. Basic subjects and professional skills in the area of the echo.

The 08.03.2013 – successfully defended dissertation on “A modern approach to the diagnosis and surgical treatment of hepatic echinococcosis in children and adults.

From the month of December 2010 by March 2012 he was appointed as a Resident in the Department of surgery at the Hospital of “St. Marina” Varna, then began specialization in Pediatric Surgery. By 03.2012. is PhD in the clinic of surgery.

From 01.03.2015. – 27.03.2015 participate in the course in General children’s surgery in “Boston Children’s” hospital at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Personal skills and competences of Dr. Ivanov are expressed in perfect mastery of the mother tongue – Bulgarian. Very good command of English – fluent LNG, as well as a good level of fluency in the Russian language.

Social skills and competences of Dr. Dan are expressed in the skill of good teamwork and communication in multicultural surroundings. In technical terms, Dr. Dan exhibits very good computers skills acquired in learning and working process.


Dr. Ivanov takes part in scientific publications in periodicals – Scripta Medica Scientifica; Surgery magazine. Participate in research papers of conferences – second National Conference on surgery and Oncology, 8th Session of The Balkan Medical Day, Student scientific session on the occasion of the 50 years the Medical University, 9th International Scientific Conference for Medical students and young doctors, the eighth national Congress of Oncology with international participation 10-13 November. X National Conference on koloproktologiâ – Varna, XI National Conference on coloproctology – Varna, XII National Conference in Varna, coloproctology XIII National Congress of surgery, National Conference “Rational approaches to the surgical infection and laparostoma”, second national conference Retroperitoneal and rare abdominal tumors – Shumen, XVII National Conference on miniinvazivna surgery; 24-th International symposium on pediatric surgical research Graz, Austria 8-10, WOFAPS ANNUAL MEETING – updates in pediatric surgery: controversies and advances 22-25.09.2011 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, III National Congress of Pediatric Surgery with international participation 28-Hisarya 30.06.2012. Participated as co-author in Student scientific session on the occasion of 50 years of medical school.