Prof. Dr. Krassimir Ivanov, MD, PhD, DSC

Prof. Dr. Krassimir Ivanov, MD, PhD, DSc
Varna, Marin Drinov str. 55


Prof. Dr. Krassimir Ivanov is a Rector of Medical University Prof. Dr. Medical “-Varna from 2012. Graduated from the Higher medical Institute in 1986. Has a master’s degree in business management “(2005). Acquired specialty of surgery (1993), and consequently of Oncology (2005). In 2009. is the HA would you ran as “Pro Fe COP”.

Specialized Visceral Surgery in Bern, Switzerland (2004.) Laparoscopic colorectal surgery in Dublin, Ireland in 2007. Since 2001. by 2010. She is Executive Director of University Hospital “St. Marina “Varna EAD, then Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 2016 was appointed for Chief of the first Department of surgery at the UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL “St. Marina”. Varna

Acquires academic degrees “Doctor” and “Doctor of Medical Sciences” by consistently defended theses “Diagnosis and surgical treatment of rectal cancer” (1998) and “New trends in diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer” (2008).

Prof. Krasimir Ivanov is an innovator in its field, responsible for the discovery, deployment and validation of the results of a number of innovative methods and technologies. In 1996, he introduces completely unique to the country’s new approach in diagnosing rectal carcinoma- Endorectal ultrasound, which significantly improves surgical options for rectal cancer.

Offers a new diagnostic approach in the treatment of colorectal cancer-molecular profiling of tumor process by which achieves more accurate staging and identify opportunities for complex treatment.

Fluent in English and Russian.

Awards and honors

  • Laureate of the Award is the Bulgarian surgical society for active work, 2008;
  • Prize of the Club “open society”;
  • Honorary sign “English”;
  • Honorary Golden badge for special merit in the development of Mini-invasive surgery;
  • Quality management certificates on a project with Inselspital Bern-on the model of EFQM;
  • Manager of the year award, awarded by the newspaper “Medicus Forum”;
  • Winner of the “Award Varna”-2006;
  • Award for “Most innovative hospital for excellence in the category-” an integrated approach in the implementation of information and communication technologies “;
  • Varna Prize for the creation of the Department for transplants from a living donor-2010;
  • Award of academic community of Medical university Varna- honorary sign and diploma for special merit and active involvement in the changes in Bulgarian healthcare and to elevate the prestige of the Medical University of Varna;
  • Honorary Golden badge “For merits to Varna for the preparation of highly qualified health professionals for nationwide and Varna, investments for the introduction of modern healthcare in Varna at European and global level, and the enrichment of the cultural life and appearance of the city.


The scientific work of Prof. Kr. Ivanov is represented by 342 publications. Of these, 106 are international and Bulgarian specialized collections and magazines. Prof. Ivanov has over 250 appearances with reports in international and national congresses and conferences. Participates in compilation of 24 books and manuals surgery, two of which in international cooperation.

His first dissertation was “Diagnosis and surgical treatment of rectal carcinoma” protected in 1996., which invented a completely new approach in the diagnosis of rectal cancer – dimensional assessment of endo-rectal ultrasound through newly created software later embedded in all modern ultrasound stations. The first release in the literature still belongs to the professor. Kr. Ivanov – Ivanov K., C. Diacov – Three-dimensional endoluminal ultrasound – new staging technique in patients with rectal cancer – DisColRectum 40, 1997, (1) 47-50.

The quality of the scientific work can be judged by his personal Impact Factor, reaching 81.697, and Total Impact Factor reaching 110. His scientific works are cited by 11 102 foreign and Bulgarian authors, including in some of the most authoritative scientific journals such as Lancet Oncology, Diseases of Colon and Rectum, American Journal of Surgery, British Journal of Surgery, Radiology, and others.

Active teaching of prof. Krasimir Ivanov is connected with the education of students, nurses and graduate and doctoral students who have subsequently career by successfully defended dissertations and habilitations.

Scientific publications

A member of the:

  • Member of the American Medical Association; 
  • The Bulgarian surgical society;
  • Union of scientists in Bulgaria;
  • IASGO (Associtation of International Surgeons, and Oncologist, Gastroenterologist) – International Organization of surgeons, gastroenterologists and oncologists;
  • ISUCRS – international organization of academics-surgeons.