Ch. ass. Dr. Plamen Kokenski, MD, PhD

Ch. ass. Dr. Plamen Hristov Kokenski, MD, PhD




He was born on 25.08.1953. in Veliko Tarnovo. Secondary education ends in the first language school with teaching in English in 1972, and higher in Varna Medical University in 1980. After three years of work experience as an anesthesiologist in the Hospital District, Kubrat, starts work in General and Pediatric Surgery Hospital of “St. Anna” by 2005, then moved to the Hospital of “St. Marina” and at the time was head of the children’s surgical ward. Defend degree – candidate medical sciences in 1988cin Kiev, Ukraine, and later makes a successful exams for majors in general surgery in 1992cand Pediatric Surgery in 1994.

Take part in numerous surgical scientific forums and congresses with more than 30 reports and research reports. Increase their skills and knowledge of Pediatric Surgery with interests in courses under the guidance of Cornell University, Salzburg, Austria, and Bern, Switzerland. Assistant Professor in the Department of department of general and operative surgery.
A member of the:
  • Bulgarian surgical;
  • Pediatric Surgical companies